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New Classic Musicals

Musicals by Kit Goldstein Grant

Where Angels Fear to Tread


Italy is a fairytale to wealthy playboy Philip Herriton, until he finds out that there's a dentist in fairyland - and that that dentist's son is about to become his new in-law. A baby results, and sweeping melodrama and sardonic humor meet in Tuscany as Philip's ideals are challenged in the subsequent family battle over the fate of that unfortunate infant.

The Wrong Box
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Wrong Box Image

Poor Uncle Joseph is dead and stuffed in a piano - or is he?
Based on the classic farce by Robert Louis Stevenson and Lloyd Osbourne.

The Giant Hoax
Bill Palmer and the Cardiff Giant

A twenty-first century schoolgirl finds herself in 1869, and becomes embroiled in controversy surrounding the so-called Cardiff Giant, a stone figure his finders claim is a petrified prehistoric man.


An original story about the Emperor Justinian & Empress Theodora, set in the Byzantine Empire.

The Black Tulip
Black Tulip Image

Based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas, this lush romance is an intimate 'chamber' musical.

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