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A mysterious corpse is knocking about Victorian London, and two unscrupulous cousins are desperately trying to find it - except when they're desperately trying to lose it!

If the corpse in the train wreck turns out to be Uncle Joseph then Cousin Michael gets the family fortune, unless Cousin Morris can dispose of the body before he gets there.

From pillar to post, from packing-case to piano, the hapless heirs scramble to keep up with the vanishing cadaver in this musical adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic farce.

The Wrong Box musical closely follows the characters and events from the original novel by Robert Louis Stevenson & Lloyd Osbourne, which is available to read online and on Amazon

Song List:
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Off The List - White, Clerk, Mourner, Ensemble
Live A Little Longer - Morris, Julia, John
The Letter Of The Law - Michael, Pitman
Bundle Up - Morris, John, Julia, Joseph
Bournemouth Express - Conductor, Porters, Ensemble
Lecturer-At-Large - Mrs. Watts, Joseph, Ensemble
The Wrong Box - Wickham, Evelyn, Rosie
A Family - Julia, Gideon
The Wrong Box [Reprise I] - Julia, Porters
The Wrong Box [Reprise II] - Morris
Pros And Cons - Morris
Ruined I - Pitman, Michael
Breach Of Promise - Michael, Pitman, Gideon
What A Mess - Michael, Morris, Julia, John, Pitman, Gideon, Ensemble

Act II
The Beautiful Sparrow - John
Two Affable Kinsmen - Michael, Morris
Ruined Ii - Gideon
Sir Arthur Sullivan Jimson - Julia, Gideon
"I Found A Body In A Piano Today..." - Julia, Gideon
Push The Piano - Julia, Gideon
Push The Piano [Reprise] - Julia, Gideon
Nothing Left To Lose - Morris
Waterloo Station - John, Morris, Pitman, Michael, Ensemble
The Wrong Box [Finale] - Wickham, Evelyn, Rosie, Ensemble

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