King Midas
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King Midas
A Musical for Young Audiences
Based on the Greek Myth and the Story by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Book, Music & Lyrics by Kit Goldstein Grant
King Midas was a proud and foolish king who loved gold above all else. In return for helping him one day, a satyr grants the king his dearest wish….all that he touches will turn to gold. For a time the king enjoys his gift; but then the food served to him turns to gold so he cannot eat; and everyone he touches turns to gold so he no longer has a family. How King Midas learns his lesson and finds happiness is the heart of this classic Greek myth.

Children will laugh as the foolish King Midas judges a musical contest between the god Apollo and a tone-deaf satyr; and they will "ooh" and "ahh" as everything King Midas touches turns into gold. The script uses the simplest of stagecraft to create a truly theatrical magical experience.

For kids K-5 and family audiences.
King Midas
Selected Songs

First Produced by the Schenectady Theater for Children in Spring, 2007

King Midas was commissioned by the Schenectady Theater for Children for their 2007 season.
It toured to over 30 elementary schools in upstate NY.

Some quotes from the audience...

"I have been a teacher for 34 years, and this is the best children’s production I have seen."

"That play was the awesomest!"

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