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An Original Musical set in the 6th Century Byzantine Empire
Book, Music & Lyrics by Kit Goldstein Grant

When an Ostrogoth "barbarian" commander comes to parlay for peace with the Byzantine court, cultures clash as the old Roman reign faces a new world.

Byzantium is a colorful story of politics and love, centering around the Emperor Justinian and Empress Theodora as they negotiate a double-marriage alliance with their Gothic enemies, and end up promoting an unlikely love affair.


Irene McMahon Foster as Empress Theodora, Jennifer Lefsyk as Ariadne, and Whitney G. McIntosh as Antonina
Photo by Josh Snitkoff

Selected Songs

Production History

Byzantium was first produced by the Niskayuna Acting Troupe in association with Spotlight Players at Columbia High School in East Greenbush, NY in August 2006, under the title City of Mosaics.

Orchestral selections were recorded by Juilliard musicians in 2007.


Henry Pedicone as Augismir

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