The Black Tulip
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The Black Tulip
A romantic musical, based on the book by Alexandre Dumas
Book, Music & Lyrics by Kit Goldstein.

Book, Music & Lyrics Copyright 2004 Kit Goldstein
Holland. 1672. In the midst of political turmoil, a tulip craze sweeps the nation. Cornelius Van Baerle has spent years working to grow the prized 'black tulip,' and is on the verge of success when he is suddenly thrown into prison for a political crime he didn't commit. The only person who can save his life's work is the jailor's daughter - who doesn't give a damn for tulips.

"...a never-ending feast for the ears."
- Amanda Leung, Union College Concordiensis, Feb. 2005
Black Tulip Image

Image Copyright Susan Beckhardt 2005
Recorded at Union College, February 2005
(Demo CD available on request)

"Look Back"
"The Black Tulip"
"Bring in Another"
"A Good Citizen"*Full Song Demo!*
"Grand Old Man"
"Tough on Crime" *Full Song Demo!*
"How Can You?"
"Living For"
"Double Face"
"All of My Life"
"The Other Side"*Full Song Demo!*
"A Better Life"
"Look Back Finale"

Scored for Piano or
Piano, Flute, Clarinet/Saxophone, Viola, Cello/Bass.

Production History

The Black Tulip was first produced at Union College in Schenectady, NY, February 2005 by the Union College Mountebanks, where it played to sold out houses every night.

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