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Androcles and the Lion
A children's musical
Based on the Remarkable Ancient Story, First Known to Have Been Related by Apion
Book, Music & Lyrics by Kit Goldstein.

Book, Music & Lyrics Copyright Kit Goldstein 2011
Androcles is a slave who finds a chance to escape and ends up in the desert. There he comes across a lion who he is certain is about to eat him. However, the lion merely holds out his paw, whimpering with a thorn stuck in the paw. Androcles removes the thorn and binds up the paw. Some time later the lion repays the favor - proving that gratitude is the sign of a noble soul.

This new telling of the familiar story weaves in the tale of Androcles' sister, Adelpha, who also escapes from slavery and goes in search of her brother. When she comes across the desert cave where Androcles and the lion reside, disguises, trickery and complications ensue!

Androcles and the Lion

Photo courtesy Cathe Casey

Production History

Androcles and the Lion was commissioned by the Schenectady Theater for Children for their 2012 season. From Spring - Fall 2012, the show toured to elementary schools, libraries, and community centers in upstate NY.

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